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Outdoor view showing the Tree lined dirt roadway leading to the Bladwin's Ranch located in Pasadena California - backside blank


  • Date: c1880
  • Original
  • Measurements: 5 x 8.5 inch
  • Photographer:  Jarvis who was a local Southern California photographer located in the Pasadena area
  • Series no: 188
  • Condition: Sold as used item, edge and surface wear, no major crease,very light curve on mount in which is normal Jarvis photography, the upper left in the tree area there is some light surface issue of something that is on the surface you can see it when your reflect the mounted view in the light - looking straight at the image it doenst show, sold as is, no tears

1880 Cabinet Card Boudoir Jarvis Photo Drive Bladwin's Ranch Pasadena California

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