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A list of 17 Out of Print Reference Books
Collecting & Reading books on Photography  that can be purchased on the Internet.  

As well as a list of 5 FREE helpful web links related to Photography

Note: we dont sell or offer any of these books - they may be purchased by clicking on the title from verified outside vendors


Great Introductory book into Collecting 19th Century Photography 

By O Henry Mace

A biographical directory covering 15,000 photographers in 27 western states. Includes bibliography, guide to collecting photographers' imprints, dating guide.

By Carl Mautz

Stereo Views: An Illustrated History & Price guide - Wonderful soft cover Book on Stereoviews

By John S. Waldsmith


My Likeness Taken is a collection of daguerreotype portraits of men, women, and children taken between 1840 and 1860. Each image is analyzed to clarify datable clothing and fashion componentd.

By Joan L Severa

Soft cover book - Great beginners guide to early Photography 

By O Henry Mace


Hard cover book - close look at early images reveals vast differences between cards, plates, slides, and stereographs. Photography


By George Gilbert 


A Photographic Reference book - showing 1860s fashions.  Great reference book that shows the type of cloths used in the 1860s time period - soft cover book

By Donna J. Abraham

Most complete reference book regarding the miniature cases daguerreian/Union cases of the 19th century - hard cover book 

​By Paul K Berg


Very in depth book that covers Cased  Images and Tintype photos - well laid out contents and details covering cased & tintype images.   soft cover book

By Kwikguide

Great easy to follow book covering CDV, Cabinet Cards & Stereoview photography - with a lot of detailed information and photos reference book.  soft cover book

By Kwikguide


Discusses cased photographs, tintypes, stereographs, card photographs, photographic prints, photographic literature, etc. 

By William Welling


Information & Collectors guide 
Houseworth & Co Steroviews and photography of the west 1860-1886 - hard cover book

By Peter E Palmquist


A great simple soft cover 47 page contents with a lot of information and many pictures. 

​By Ross J Kelbaugh

Great book covering 19th century California Stereoview 

By Jim Crain 

Fanatic 238 page  book covering the history and over 500 illustrations of Mathew Brady's work - Hardcover book.

By James D Horan  


Book covering the History of one of the most famous early western photographer

By Peter E Palmquist


Book covering the History of
I W Tabera Photographic Legacy
By Wayne & Linda Bonnett


By: Jason Lynn Pate

A Plow Boy's Adventure is a historical fiction novel based on the life of C.W. Hubert, a member of the 33rd Tennessee Infantry, and it is based upon the collection of original letters written by Hubert during the war. As the American Civil War began, Charles Wesley Hubert was convinced that joining the war was a necessity to protect both his wife, Bettie, and their unborn child. Growing up the child of a war veteran, Hubert follows in his father's footsteps, but he discovers the dangers of war are far beyond bullets and guns. He must attempt to survive both the Northern army and illness, in order to return home. If you would like to read the original letters, they are available in the companion book, "A Plow Boy's Journey: The C.W. Hubert Story."

5 FREE Interesting & Helpful Reference Website links on Photography

Looking for in depth information on a photographer?

FREE  - Great Site decided to  Identifying  US 19th Century Photographers - Alphabetical Order list for the 1840 -1899 - a complete free list

** ** **

Wonderful website dedicated to the history of photography by Famous 19th century photographer Carleton E Watkins.


The collecting covers the 1850-1890s with large collection showing stereoviews & albumen photos

** ** ** 

Ever wondered how to date a RPPC?   

Playle's has a great FREE site to help the collector date Real Photo Postcards.  Using the stamp boxes on backside  A - Z  How to identify & date RPPC using the stamp box

** ** **

Beside the 2 reference books listed above - Phototree offers a simple basic website that is FREE - A website dedicated to collecting, identification 19th century photography

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Ever had an issue when trying to date a mounted photography?

FREE - Great Guide for dating card mounted
19th & 20th century photographs such as: CDV, Cabinet Cards and Stereoviews

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