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Interesting Outdoor street view a look back in the past of the small town of Sauk Centre MN.  Main street looking north showing a large event banner "Welcome Jobbers Union" held in downtown in front of the S M Bruce Groceries store located in  Sauk Centre MN.  Left side of the street is the towns Bank, Real estate company office,  Bishop Dry good store and barber pole and shop along with other stores/business along the street.


  • Date c1880
  • Original
  • Measurements:  5 x 8   inch - boudoir mounted photo
  • Photographer stamp:  Lucas and Lewis Suak Centre Minn
  • Condition: used item, edge/surface wear, no crease, no tears on the image, the left side on mount has some surface scuff on the paper surface.

1880 Cabinet Card Photo Jobbers Union event Downtown Sauk Centre Minnesota

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