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Interesting interior view of a old school Bank.  Unique this is this view is showing the behind the scenes of the Bank Commercial operations interior view. 

View taken behind the front counter showing what goes on back in the old school banking days.  There are 5 workers, 2 bank clerks and the book keepers.   Neat view of the old banking machines, type writter, large floor model  adding machine,  strong box on counter, bookkeeping books and ledgers, small counter adding machine, mailing equipment scale and hand stamps, old clock and Union Railroad Calandar on the wall - backside blank.


  • Date: 10-23-1911
  • Original
  • Measurements: 7 x 9  inch
  • Condition: Sold as used item, edge and surface wear, no crease, no tears

1911 Mounted Photo occupational Interior of Bank Commercial operations

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