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Interesting detailed Map  showing the United States of America back in 1837 most likey created in middle of 1836 and into 1837.  Based off the map showing several of the US Territories that where admitted into the United States in June of 1836 - Jan 1837.   The school atlas that came from is dated 1837 on front cover.   Titled: United  States and shows several of the states when they where still just Territory of the US and before statehood:


Northern Wisconsin Territory til 1848

Michigan Territory til Jan 1837


Interesting the map shows when Missouri was a smaller US State and also the upper area called Missouri Territory


Arkansa Territory til June 1836

Texas Spanish Province of Spain


Showing on the left side are the other US States and Territory:


Oregon Territory

New York - Pennslyania - Maryland - Virgina along with the upper US states -

Verm Ont - Massachusetts - Connecticut - New Hampshire and Maine


(note: the school atlas book cover is not part of the sale and being used a reference to show where the map came from)


  • Original
  • Date: 1837
  • Measurements: 11.5 x 18.5  inch
  • Book plate no 4
  • Maker: By J Olney A.M.
  • Condition: used item, edge/surface wear, light foxing, center has a light foxing.stain from other side,  creases,  center fold due to map was a insert in a School Atlas, none square corners with wear and the back at some point in time some archival tape was added on the edge of the fold crease top/bottom and bottom along part of the fold crease, backside blank

    Original 1837 Map 11.5x18.5 showing the United States of American By J Olney

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