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indoor view Homemade Stereoview Roaring 20s gals wearing classy lingerie Loves Spat over a MAN ! One gal has the photo of love boy against her chest while the other lady grabbing onto the photo from her "CAT FIGHT" perhaps over a man? backside blank


NOTE: back in the day this type of photo showing women wearing lingerie undies would be considered hardcore porn for its time period


note: Great 3-D affect showing - using a hand held stereoscope stereoviewer


  • Date: c1920s
  • Original
  • Measurements: 3 1/2 x 7 inch
  • Condition: Sold as used item, edge and surface wear, foxing, corner crease on mount, sm dent bottom right on mount, no tear
  • Photographer:  James U Stead 383 6th ave New York
  • Condition: Sold as used item, edge/surface wear, foxing along the top edge, no crease, no tears

Stereoview Photo Risque Roaring 20s gals wearing classy lingerie "CAT FIGHT"

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